The Best @ Japan 1990

Featuring John Entwistle & Joe Walsh


A swindling criminal on eBay posted this bootlegged disc as an online auction, claiming it was a legitimate Japanese import originally released in 1990. Based on his fraudulent description, I bid way too much on this bogus CD, let me tell you.

However as this is a historical artifact, a review of this forgotten performance is offered for those who may find it of interest. I was drawn to this disc because the band was anchored by the late John Entwistle, bassist for The Who.

Credited as being recorded on September 26, 1990, live in Yokohama, Japan, this bootlegged mono soundboard disc is a decent document of a stellar grouping of classic rock artists. Certainly eclectic in nature, this band nicknamed "The Best" had been anticipated to tour the U.S. with Zak Starkey on drums.

Participating musicians in "The Best" include John Entwistle on bass, Joe Walsh on guitar, Keith Emerson on keyboards, Simon Phillips on drums, Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter on guitar, Rick Livingstone on percussion, flute & vocals, and backing vocalists Hamish Richardson, Angus Richardson & Fergus Richardson.

The three John Entwistle compositions are true to form renditions, showcasing the late Who bassist's musical talents. His outstanding bass playing propeled this outfit live on stage. "Too Late The Hero" is, possibly, 'the best' performance among the songs on this interesting collection of material.

RadioRockonTour #1
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01. Seven Bridges Road
02. Life in the Fast Lane
03. My Wife - John Entwistle
04. Bodhisattva
05. Fanfare for the Common Man
06. Riki, Don't Lose That Number
07. Rocky Mountain Way
08. Too Late The Hero
- John Entwistle
09. America > Rondo
10. Boris The Spider - John Entwistle
11. Reelin' In the Years
12. Takin' It to the Streets

Bootlegged Soundboard
Yokohama, Japan 1990