Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol



Emerging from the state of New York, the female singer known as L.P. released her second album Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol. Her sophomore effort is dominated by a majority of hard-edged rockers that deliver a tuneful punch.

L.P. is comfortable in her element, expressing her musical personae. This album advances both her artistic development and the cohesiveness of her touring band in the studio. Their tight performances accentuate this powerful recording.

The tender moments expressed on this album are outstanding as well. L.P. and her band are defining themselves as musicians and her sound in the process. L.P.'s vocals are more assured and ready for action on stage.

"The Darkside", "Change Of Scenery", "Never Was", and the raucous "Heartless" are some of the best feminine-fueled rockers recorded today. These compositions come alive on stage in performance.

By contrast, "Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol", "Nowhere", and "Cadillac Life" demonstrate L.P.'s ability to strip down and deliver mellow ballads with dead-on vocals. She has the versatility to expand her musical horizons for a bright future.

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01. Wasted
02. The Darkside
03. All I Have
04. Get Over Yourself
05. Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol
06. Little Death
07. Change Of Scenery
08. Nowhere
09. Never Was
10. Heartless
11. Cadillac Life

Light Switch Records
June 2004