Say No More



Say No More, released in 1981, is the swan song for the British pop powerhouse Badfinger. Guitarist Joey Molland and bassist Tom Evans were following up on the chart success of Airwaves from 1979. This hard-to-find disc is worth hunting down.

Molland and Evans were supported by Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye on tour to promote Badfinger's 1979 effort. Joined by drummer Richard Bryans and second guitarist Glenn Sherba, the new line up recorded the hard-edged Say No More in Miami.

Having split the composing chores between the Badfinger alumni, the first single, "Hold On", was a carry-over from the Airwaves sessions co-authored by Evans and Joe Tansin. The stylish rocker features Badfinger's winning signature sound.

"Rock N' Roll Contract", penned by Evans, is a wink at positive reinforcement, concerning his personal musical endeavors in chasing chart success. Molland's fast-paced rocker, "Passin Time", features a forceful bass line laid by Evans.

Evans' power ballad, "Too Hung Up On You", is a poignant piece that showcases his soaring vocals, embellished by Kaye's keyboard playing. "No More", another strong Molland number, is highlighted by a driving beat that propels this tough rocker.

Evans rocking "Crocadillo" closes out Say No More on a powerful note. Badfinger was poised for a rebirth with two fine albums back-to-back. Sadly, tragedy would revisit Badfinger a second time in 1983 with the additional loss of Tom Evans.

Critics who compare latter material recorded by Evans and Molland with that of the late Pete Ham era are bogged down by the past unable to enjoy the new musical direction undertaken by Badfinger. This is a must-have album for all Badfingerphiles.

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01. I Got You
02. Come On
03. Hold On
04. Because I Love You
05. Rock N' Roll Contract
06. Passin Time
07. Three Time Loser
08. Too Hung Up On You
09. Say No More
10. Crocadillo

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January 1981