The Pioneers

The Pioneers with special guest Pioneer John Entwistle


The Pioneers is a curious album, featuring the late, great John Entwistle on bass guitar. The label "Country Rock-A-Billy Roll" as mentioned within the album notes does not really pin down the sound of The Pioneers.

The music on this disc is mainly composed by Roy Michaels. Considered a "Country Music" album, The Pioneers don't take any substantial musical chances. The compositions are basically pleasant sounding pop numbers infused with Country flavoring.

A significant musical highlight on The Pioneers is "Jubilee Line", composed by lead guitarist Mick Wynn. The bouncing bass line on this jamboree-style Country-rocker hints toward at least one identifiable Entwistle bass performance.

John Entwistle was, perhaps, the preeminent bassist of his generation. Therefore, it is odd that none of the bass playing on this album stands out with any real prominence. Without any performance credits, your guess is as good as anyone else's as to which tracks feature the late Who bassist.

Some of the more interesting Pioneer tunes include the jaunty "Lost Without You", their mellow ballad "Goodbye", harmony vocalizing on the Country cliche "Another Heartache", and the tender "All I Need".

This recording may not have been reissued if it had not been for the fact that John Entwistle unexpectedly passed away in June 2002. The Pioneers may have slipped into obscurity without a trace, but Entwistle's participation makes this album an oddity worth collecting.

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01. Lost Without You
02. Let Her Walk Away
03. Look Inside Your Heart
04. Goodbye
05. Anything For Love
06. Secret To Sell
07. Tough Luck
08. Since I Was A Kid
09. Another Heartache
10. All I Need
11. Jubilee Line

J-Bird Records
December 1999