Polyester Bride

Liz Phair


First off, this is one hard-to-find Liz Phair CD single. Released as a Japanese-only single in August 1998, this rare single features two otherwise unavailable Liz Phair songs, "Greased Lightning" and "White Bird of Texas".

"Polyester Bride" itself is not necessarily one of the stronger tracks off Whitechocolatespaceegg, but it does feature a rather cute melody. Phair completes her barfly sketch of a woman in search of companionship in song.

"Greased Lightning" is a quirky tune, originally released as a vinyl B-side. The syrup-covered melody sort of meanders until it returns to the catchy chorus. As outtake tracks go, it has its moments with Phair's dual harmony vocals.

"White Bird of Texas" is the rarest of these two songs. This number was issued exclusively on this Japanese CD single. Our female protagonist imparts a tale about the final words from departed relatives. Phair's soaring vocals are simply sweet.

This Japanese CD single has a tendency to fetch an inflated price for the serious Liz Phair fan and collector. Fear not, copies do turn up for auction online infrequently.

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01. Polyester Bride
02. Greased Lightning
03. White Bird of Texas

Matador Records - Japan only
August 1998