Looking For Changes

Paul McCartney


Paul McCartney returned to the historic Ed Sullivan Theatre for two nights in December 1992, recording an appearance for the inaugural Up Close program that premiered on MTV in America on Wednesday, February 3, 1993.

Looking For Changes is a surprisingly high quality soundboard recording bootlegged from McCartney's first evening jam in New York City on December 10th. Although the performance leans heavily on eight selections from Off The Gorund, the track listing has some fine classic Macca higlights.

Paul kicks off the performance with "Twenty Flight Rock", the tune that he played to John Lennon at their first meeting in Liverpool as an impropmtu audition to join The Quarrymen way back in July 1957. This number was included on his 1988 vinyl album Chopa B CCCP, released exclusively in the Soviet Union.

McCartney had returned to visit familiar territory where The Beatles effortlessly conquered American teenagers during their televsion debut on Sunday, February 9, 1964. Macca must have been flooded with bittersweet memories of that historic performance.

The 1993 Up Close broadcast included the following 13 tracks: "Twenty Flight Rock", "Get Out Of My Way", "Fixing A Hole", "Looking For Changes", "Penny Lane", "Biker Like An Icon", "Michelle", "Hope Of Deliverance", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Off The Ground', "My Love", "Lady Madonna", and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band".

During the two days, the group performs the following numbers (electrically): 'Twenty Flight Rock', 'Get Out Of My Way', 'Fixing A Hole', 'Looking For Changes' and 'Penny Lane'; (acoustically): 'Biker Like An Icon', 'I Owe It All To You', 'Big Boys Bickering', 'Michelle', an ad-lib piece of 'Jingle Bells' on the first night, and 'If I Were Not Upon The Stage' on the second night, 'Hope Of Deliverance' and 'Can't Buy Me Love', presented in a "Country Hoe-down" arrangement.

Their second electric set consists of 'Peace In The Neighbourhood', 'Off The Ground', 'I Wanna Be Your Man' and 'Sgt. Pepper's'. The final set features Paul sitting at his Yamaha piano, where, accompanied by the band, he performs 'My Love', 'C Moon', 'Lady Madonna', 'C'mon People' and 'Live And Let Die'.

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           Airtime for the discerning Concertphile

01. Twenty Flight Rock *
02. Get Out Of My Way *
03. Fixing A Hole *
04. Looking For Changes *
05. Penny Lane *
06. Biker Like An Icon *
07. I Owe It All To You
08. Big Boys Bickering
09. Michelle *
10. Hope Of Delieverance *
11. Can't Buy Me Love
12. Peace In The Neighborhood
13. Off The Ground *
14. I Wanna Be Your Man *
15. My Love *
16. C Moon
17. Lady Madonna *
18. C'Mon People
19. Live And Let Die

Bootleggged Soundboard
December 10, 1992
* Up Close @ MTV