Live `75

The Jack Bruce Band


As a musical artifact, this rediscovered concert recording captures a performance in time of the Jack Bruce Band featuring guitarist Mick Taylor. Unfortunately, this touring group failed to record a studio album together before disbanding.

After leaving Cream in 1969, bass guitarist Jack Bruce pursued both a prolific recording career and an active touring calendar. His 1975 touring band featured former Rolling Stones lead guitarist Mick Taylor, organist Carla Bley, pianist Ronnie Leahy, and drummer Bruce Gary.

Originally mixed for commercial release, the tapes of this concert are from an appearance at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester on June 1, 1975. Outside of a live jam on the BBC's "The Old Grey Whistle Test", this live collection is the only surviving glimpse back in time at this supercharged unit.

The Jack Bruce Band Live `75 is a worthy compliment to the stage exploits of Jack Bruce. " "Spirit", "Smiles And Grins", and the finale, an encore of the Cream classic "Sunshine Of Your Love", all spotlight stellar stage performances by this short-lived group of musicians.

One interesting fact about this particular touring band is the presence of Mick Taylor who announced his departure from the Rolling Stones in December 1974. When did the invitation to Taylor from Bruce originate? Before or after Taylor's decision to leave the Stones? Most interesting to ponder.

Fast forward to 2005. Having appeared for a one-off reunion jam at their Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame induction in 1993, Cream is currently poised to perform at the Royal Albert Hall for a handful of dates in May. Hopefully, the classic trio will tour the U.S.A.

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Disc One:

01. Can You Follow?
02. Morning Story
03. Keep It Down
04. Pieces of Mind
05. Tickets To Waterfalls/
Weird of Hermiston/Post War
06. Spirit

Disc Two:

01. One/You Burned the Tables on Me
02. Smiles and Grins
03. Sunshine of Your Love

Polydor Records
May 2003