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This Japanese CD single release by Sean Lennon featured "Home", a track off his debut album Into The Sun from 1998. This selection is not necessarily one of the strongest off the album, but is nonetheless an interesting choice for Lennon to promote.

When Grand Royal Records issued Sean Lennon 's Into The Sun, there was a media buzz regarding the potential of the late John Lennon's youngest son. Now seven years later, there has been no follow up album from Sean Lennon.

"5/8" is an oddity. The melody is spiked with a free-form jazz fusion feel. The chanting and hand clapping in the mix sort of interrupts the overall piece. Among the voices calling out during the outro, one can be heard asking, "Who farted?".

Another non-album cut, "Intermission" is an instrumental recording. Lennon's loopy arrangement for this musical jam meanders without loosing its audience. This rare disc is strongly recommended for the avid Lennon collector.

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01. Home
02. 5/8
03. Intermission

Grand Royal Records
May 1998