Chris Grace


Chris Grace has released a stunning E.P. C.D., Evidence. Mature lyrics and superb production work compliment Grace's original material. The instrumentation displays a unique professionalism for a promising young artist.

The disc opens with "Mariann", the story of a torn relationship plagued with complications. Grace delivers a plaintive vocal followed by a choice guitar lead. "Leave the Light On" is lifted by the strength of a resourceful arrangement.

"Meko" kicks off with an in-your-face bass guitar line before launching as an intense, but restrained rocker. The cool beat and electric guitar give the melody of this number an edge.

"In Dreams" showcases a mellower side to Grace's prolific compositions. His singing soars along in harmony. The moderate intro to "Minor Chords and Lies" quickly gives way to an alternating power-chord chorus.

Chris Grace was a featured performer on the 2004 Virgin College Mega-Tour that set up camp on several University campuses earlier this year. Evidence can be purchased online so what are you waiting for? Give this disc a spin.

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01. Mariann
02. Leave the Light On
03. Meko
04. Take It All Back
05. In Dreams
06. Minor Chords and Lies

Eucommia Records
May 2004