Beat Cafe



Following an eight year hiatus, Donovan has released a stunning new album, Beat Cafe, reflecting a major departure from his recognized genre of material. The surprisingly catchy recording displays Donovan's versatility as an artist and his prolific ability to expand his music horizons.

Beat Cafe is a collection of songs that reflect Donovan's interest in jazz and bohemian themes within a musical presentation that is a creative burst of genius from this British Invasion veteran.

"Love Floats" opens with Donovan chanting which segues into a beat-groove. The up-tempo swing of "Poorman's Sunshine" reveals the playful nature of Donovan's humorous lyrics. The title track "Beat Cafe", slinks along, inviting the listener to feel 'hip' in the wake of this cool ditty.

"The Question" picks up the pace for a lively skip on this jazz-infused piece. "Shambhala", which closes the disc, is most reminiscent of his bye-gone flower-power days. Beat Cafe is a stunning example of Donovan's prolific poetic power.

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01. Love Floats
02. Poorman's Sunshine
03. Beat Cafe
04. Yin My Yang
05. Whirlwind
06. Two Lovers
07. The Question
08. Lord Of The Universe
09. Lover O Lover
10. The Cuckoo
11. Do Not Go Gentle
12. Shambhala

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August 2004