Auf der Maur

Melissa Auf der Maur


Just by chance, I happened to come upon a stage pic of Melissa Auf der Maur online and was taken aback by both her beauty and the musical expression of her body language in performance.

Unfortunately, my desire to review Auf der Maur live in Philadelphia did not materialize. That very afternoon I was shopping for the new Lennon Acoustic disc when I thought I would peek to see if her disc was available where I was.

Lo and behold, copies of Auf der Maur were on the music rack. Why do I give you this background info? Because I decided to buy it without any real musical knowledge of either Hole or the Smashing Pumpkins.

Auf der Maur is an exciting musical experience - an eargasm of maximum aural pleasure. Her music is original; her lyrics are captivating. The intensity of her style and sound are matched by her impassioned vocals.

On her debut album, this Canadian woman rocks with an uncommon sophistication unlike her female contemporaries. Having conducted apprenticeships on bass guitar for both Hole and the Smashing Pumpkins, Auf der Maur clearly demonstrates she has the potential for a prolific music career.

This album deserves attention; hands down one of the most outstanding recordings to be released in 2004. Auf der Maur plays bass, guitar and keyboards across the album. She is joined by a core of sympathetic musicians that complimented her vision for Auf der Maur.

"Head Unbound", "Taste You", "My Foggy Notion", and "Would If I Could" are some of the many standout tracks on this album. The playful lyrics of "I'll Be Anything You Want" is a sly wink at her sensuality. "Skin Receiver" is another bass-fueled romp, delivered as a galloping rocker.

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01. Lightning Is My Girl
02. Followed The Waves
03. Real A Lie
04. Head Unbound
05. Taste You
06. Beast Of Honor
07. I'll Be Anything You Want
08. My Foggy Notion
09. Would If I Could
10. Overpower Thee
11. Skin Receiver
12. I Need I Want I Will
13. French Version [hidden track]
14. Good News * [Japan only]

Capitol Records
June 2004