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John Winston Ono Lennon would have been 64 on October 9, 2004. The world lost a stellar musical genius in December of 1980, just as as the former Beatle was experiencing a rebirth in his artistic talents as a composer and performer.

Yoko Ono has created a new exciting Lennon collection, Acoustic, from the copious archives of her late husband. The focus of this disc spotlights Lennon singing to the lone accompaniment of an acoustic guitar.

The material on Acoustic is comprised of outtakes, rehearsals, demos, live performances, and some sporadic fragments during Lennon's brief solo career. Obviously limited, these tracks represent an unadulterated glimpse at Lennon in a relaxed musical fashion.

"Love" is an amazing lost performance from the 1970 Plastic Ono Band sessions that showcases Lennon's musical and lyrical talents. The album version released was originally arranged around a piano.

"Look At Me" is an uncomplicated run-through this touching Lennon ballad. Lennon's loose rendition of "Cold Turkey" reveals a stripped down jam with Lennon exposing the sparse melody and haunting lyrics.

"What You Got" is played in an odd R&B-style run through, presenting a completely new feel to this Lennon rocker. Lennon's Double Fantasy selections reflect the final chapter of his all too brief composing career.

Lennon's alternative take on "Watching The Wheels" to the accompaniment on acoustic guitar is a treasure highlight included in this collection of dated material. "Dear Yoko", an open love-letter to his muse and life-partner, sounds fresh and engaging in this new arrangement.

The three classic live performances were previously released on 1998's John Lennon Anthology. Lennon did not make many live appearances after departing the Beatles so these tracks are relics from a time capsule recalling a bye gone era.

"Imagine" is simply beautiful on acoustic guitar, embellishing Lennon's 1971 masterpiece before a live audience. "The Luck Of The Irish" is a rare live duet with Ono participating on Lennon's folksy protest ballad.

With the passage of time, these unreleased recordings take on a stronger impact as they represent a musical snapshot at Lennon conducting a work-in-progess approach to several of his classic solo songs.

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01. Working Class Hero
02. Love
03. Well Well Well
04. Look At Me
05. God
06. My Mummy's Dead
07. Cold Turkey
08. The Luck Of The Irish (Live)
09. John Sinclair (Live)
10. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
11. What You Got
12. Watching The Wheels
13. Dear Yoko
14. Real Love
15. Imagine (Live)
16. It's Real

Capitol Records
October 2004